So…what is 30/30?

F3 Katy is proud to host several 30/30 groups across the Region each week.   These BD’s are unique in that they incorporate the First F and the Third F in a single event. 

It starts with a vigorous, condensed workout in the gloom.

A single question is dispersed the day prior to the event via PreBast to the entire region via the AO 3rdF Q to ensure one conversation/theme across all locations.

Some questions from past weeks include:

  • When your back is against the wall, who do you turn to and why?
  • What is the hardest thing you have had to tell someone and how did you handle it?
  • How do you handle/overcome rejection?

 Ok… Tell me more

The Katy Region started 30/30 with 1 group and 7 men.  it has since grown to multiple groups and over 100 men that attend each week.  The depth of conversation continues to grow as the group gets to know one another better.

The 3rdF time, 30/30, is intended to be a Faith conversation, where we recognize we are not the center of the universe. It may lead to discussions of Biblical principles. However, the selected Q leading the Third F conversation always takes into consideration that the PAX present have various religious backgrounds and beliefs.

The Third F Q leading the conversation will always begin the discussion with an example from his own life related to The Question of the Week, and from there each PAX will share as the moment occurs. Many PAX will share something each week – anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, but some may choose to not speak from time to time.

Focusing on ways to do more with The 3rdF, 30/30, was envisioned by our own Papa John at the Garden of Pain in November 2020.  He has a Group Chat with all Third F Q’s that are identified by wise PAX and brought into the fold by Papa John.

Are you interested in starting a new group? Please get with Papa John on Band or email F3Katy@gmail.com and we will get you lined up.  He would love to see 30/30 groups spread out across all of F3. 

Sounds good – so where do these groups meet and how can I join?

There are 10 groups that meet all across the F3 Katy Region

Thursday – 5:00 am at The Warhorse
2655 Mason Road, Katy, TX  77070
Third F Q – Uncle Jessie

Friday – 5:30 am at The Garden of Pain (The GOP)

700 Mason Creek Trail, Katy, TX  77450
Third F Q – Papa John

Friday – 5:30 am at The Hall of Pain (The HOP)
15332 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX  77079
Third F Q – ManMaker 

Friday – 5:30 am – The Vista hosted by The Peak
22765 Westheimer Parkway, Katy TX, 77450
Third F Q – Flying Nurse 

Friday – 5:15 am at Shepherd’s Harvest or Shepherd’s Court
Meets every other week hosted at The Mill or The Tank
The Mill – 26810 Pine Mill Ranch, Katy, TX  77494
The Tank – Pine Park at Fulshear Bend and Cross Creek Bend, Fulshear, TX  77441
Third F Q – Smalls

Friday – 5:15 am at The Well hosted by The Spigot / SOTS
25202 Springwood Lane, Katy, TX  77494
Third F Q – Sal.TT.ine

Friday  5:15 am at The Crossroads hosted by The Station
Meet in the Pavilion near
5611 Gardenia Lane, Katy, TX  77493
Third F Q – Cornhole

Friday  5:30 am hosted by The Crux
1700 West Road, Houston, TX  77095
Third F Q  Hundo

Friday  5:00 am at The Power of the Apex (POTA)
6450 Cross Creek Bend Ln, Fulshear, TX 77441
Third F Q  P. Bunyan

Friday – 5:15 am at The Spillway
Elyson Commons at Bear Creek
Third F Q – Scratch

Friday – 5:15 am at The Forge
28100 N. Firethorne Rd, Katy, TX 77494 (Firethorne Community Center)
Third F Q – Sunshine

Friday – 5:30 am at The Pointe
12539 Vindon Dr., Houston, TX  77024
Third F Q – Triple Threat

Friday – 5:00 am at The Island
2100 Cane Island Pkwy,  Katy, TX 77493
Third F Q – Einstein

There are 3 groups that meet across the F3 Houston Region

Friday – 5:30 am at The Falls
1250 Lake Plaza Dr, Spring, TX  77389
Third F Q –

Friday – 5:30 am at The Hogg
Address coming..
Third F Q – 

Friday – 5:30 am at The Rocket
Address coming..
Third F Q –

Questions on how to join a group? Interested in starting a group in your Region?

Just email us at F3katy@gmail.com and we’ll get you lined up.

F3 Katy