Welcome Info

Welcome to F3 Katy!

We are glad you came out to your very first F3 Katy workout. We hope you enjoyed it and will come back for Second Helpings!

Here is some useful information for you to keep handy to refer back to as needed. If you have any questions – just reach out to your AOQs or email us F3Katy@gmail.com

  1. The F3 Katy website is F3Katy.com. On the website, you can find local workout locations and general information about F3 Katy. You might also check out F3Nation.com for even more information about the F3 Organization.
  2. The Lexicon is helpful in deciphering some of the colorful terminologies you might hear at an F3 workout. Similarly, the Exicon is helpful to learn more about the different exercises that are commonly used during a BeatDown.
  3. You should have received a text with an invitation to the Katy BAND, which is a 100% free app packed with useful features for managing groups. It is F3 Katy’s main Comz Channel. Be sure to change your Profile to your F3 Name and select a fun photo that matches your F3 Name you can keep up with what is going on. Join in on the Mumble Chatter! You can also find F3Katy on other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Our LinkedIn is F3 Greater Houston and F3 Nation. Be sure to follow!
  4. Gloves are highly recommended at most workouts, mainly for hand protection during bear crawls and better gripping when handling Cindy’s. Work gloves are fine or you can see some quality options that are especially helpful during cold weather (below 50 degrees) on the F3 Gear Store. Bring bottled water as well.
  5. Speaking of the F3 Gear Store since all workouts are completely FREE – the gear store is the number one source of funds supporting the F3 Mission and Expansion efforts. It is the official source for F3 stickers, shirts, and gear with the F3 logo. A portion of every sale benefits F3 Nation.
  6. Our complete workout and social schedule can be found on Band. We will start and end on time to respect everyone’s time. That’s almost always 45 minutes during the week and an hour on Saturdays. After every workout, there will be a brief “Circle of Trust” where we introduce ourselves, share announcements and other updates within each group. We follow that with “Coffeteria” – where we enjoy coffee and fellowship after the workouts. Stay for 2 minutes or for 30 – whatever you can do is fine as you get to know the other PAX in your group!
  7. Other great Second F (Fellowship) events have been scheduled including monthly lunches, happy hours, Ruck events, and more.. just ask around and meet up with your brothers outside the gloom.
  8. F3 Workouts take place outside, rain or shine – so plan to join us regardless of the weather! Severe weather – Check the BAND App but we’re likely out there and you’ll never forget that workout in the rain!
  9. Finally, please familiarize yourself with the disclaimer. Read the Disclaimer HERE.


Again, welcome! Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to getting to know you better!

SYITG! (See You In The Gloom) – Aye!

F3 Katy